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unzip the files to C:\software on the vhost and then from the server console the rest is done.

There will be:
vmconnect.bat = batch file that calls
vmconnect.ps1 = Powershell Script
wfreerdp.exe = freerdp distro for windows
libeay32.dll = freerdp dll
ssleay32.dll = freerdp dll
license = Open source license file for freerdp
vcredist_x86.exe = C# runtime from Microsoft required to run wfreerdp.exe

You will need to run and install vcredist_X86.exe before attempting to run the powershell script
You might need to Open powershell and type Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted"" and press Enter, answer Yes to allow the change to allow the powershell script to run .

Run the batch file and it will star teh powershell script.
This powershell script will find all your VM's and then asks you which one you would like to connect too. You input the number beside the VM and it will see if it can connect with an IP, if not it will connect via the VMID. (where Test is the server you name you chose)
It then displays: Connecting to Test - (if connecting via IP)
or it displays: Connecting to Test - abdf-dhggsh0011-20021 (if connecting via VMID)

If connecting via IP you input the local Administrator acct and password.
If connecting via VMID you must authenticate the the local VHOST, input the localhost server Administrator acct and password.

NOTE: If you know for a fact the VM has a IP address but it keeps connecting via the VMID. To fix this install the lastest Misrcosoft integration Tools package on the VM.

NOTE1: you cannot just run wfreerdp.exe and it open like mstsc.exe, does not work that way...wish it did. If you wish to RDP to a machine and not use hte powershell script you will need to open the DOS prompt and change directory to C:\software, then type wfreerdp (IP you wish to RDP to) enter.

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solhjuei Sep 14, 2013 at 6:57 PM 
I tried to use the FREERDP on a windows 7 , but no success becuase of GET-VM cmdlet
i tried to add the required vmdlet with installing RSAT , but still no luck .....
I need help to install and use this tool on a windows client platform ....